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Yep(by: Pez-Man)
New comic. It's not as long as the first one, but it should still be around two minutes of reading time. Enjoy!
Saturday, February 21 2004 07:01 UTC

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Sundays! Somedays!(by: ayana)
Just so that people know, I try to update my site on sundays, and I'm planning on updating with a comic on Fridays (If funny stuff happens at school to comic about..) Heart~ Aya
Wednesday, February 18 2004 17:50 UTC

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Yeah...(by: beyonder)
Small changes: Main page is now valid HTML4.01(again), and is about 150 pixels wider...unfortunately i must now say 'This Page Best Viewed in 1024x768 or Higher Resolution' *wonders if anyone is ever gonna read this...*
Wednesday, February 18 2004 01:23 UTC

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New Update Schedual(by: Kamui)
Due to some problems with my scanner I'm only going to be updating one comic per update (As per usual) and it's only going to be on monday's and fridays. (I've got like 10-11 comics made but the scanner I have is screwing up so badly that I can't properly scan stuff.. But this amount of comics will allow for the site updates to go smoothly) Anyways... That's all I've got to say for now.. laters ^_^
Tuesday, February 3 2004 19:53 UTC

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Thumbnails!(by: ayana)
Yes, I added thumbnails to my site so now you dun gotta click randomly and hope it's a good picture. I also sorted out the really crappy art out, and put it into it's own folder. It's not good enough for thumbnails... So go check it out! I spent hours making those thumbnails! ^_^
Monday, January 19 2004 17:14 UTC

Read Comments: 4

Quest For PEZ(by: Pez-Man)
This new news posting thing is quite nice. I have been wanting to work on another comic, but I'd like to get more feedback then "I saw your comic!" If it really isn't going well, then I might as well stop trying. Also, I'm back from India.
Tuesday, January 6 2004 21:38 UTC

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Testing Testing...(by: Phred)
uno dos tres. Does this work? bah, I plan on making comics soon, I've started 3 panels yesterday, maybe I'll finish it off tomorow...
Saturday, January 3 2004 07:01 UTC

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Happy new year!(by: dmneoblade)
Happy New Year everyone! I finally got my home network done, so soon I should have the chance to get my site up. Have a nice year! ~DMNeoblade
Thursday, January 1 2004 08:21 UTC

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..kindly thoughts..(by: ayana)
This is the news sections for.. well.. KT! ^_^ .. I have nothing to say. But you can post in here and ask crap and make suggestions, and say comic ideas and stuff. ^_^
Wednesday, December 31 2003 04:31 UTC

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It's new!(by: beyonder)
Look everyone, a new little news thing! Fun stuff, right? Comments...anyway, the old news should still be at
Tuesday, December 30 2003 07:54 UTC

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