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IRC quotes are formatted to work with HTML. Time stamps have been removed.

Synchro: XD
Emmy: XD
Molvaki: DX
* Molvaki dies *

Punk: what's april 9th?
Pez-Man: 9 days into April?
Bass-The-Almighty: avril lavigne
PakChooieUnf: The ninth of April, DUH!
omni777: the day after April 8th, duh

Skye_Alpha: Well I need to get some sleep. Good night everyone!
* Skye_Alpha has quit IRC (Quit: )
NeonGreenWizard: nini Skye
Tremolo[RippingStuff]: Bye bye
TRB115: Night, Skye.
Pez-Man: you all missed

* Tom has joined #bobandgeorge
Starrunner: hi tim
Pez-Man: to tom
* Tom has quit IRC (Quit: )

* Starrunner does surgery and gives rohoken a jaw and tounge and throught
Pez-Man: throught, thats a new one
Pez-Man: throat
Starrunner: throat
YetikaKlaine: throat
Pez-Man: throat

* Starrunner eats pez-man "HAH I love pez"
Pez-Man: I'm
Pez-Man: no
Pez-Man: r
Pez-Man: PW
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: I�m not made of PEZ!

Pez-Man: fire a BROAD side
YetikaKlaine: that sounded like a BAD pick-up line

* Pez-Man|AwayAwayAwayAway is now known as Pez-Man
* Pez-Man is now known as Pez-Man|Away
BigWig: wow, he was back for 63 whole seconds

* Pez-Man shoots!
* Pez-Man shoots a can!
* Synchro[hackSIGN] bleeds.
* Random_NPC dies
Pez-Man: wow
Pez-Man: i missed that can twice

* Kamui disemconsonants Beyonder
beyonder: ....
* beyonder is now known as eoe
eoe: e ai y i ieooae e e ae o a aie oie
eoe: e o eaeio

* Molvaki puts a garden hose up his nose and turns it on
Molvaki: Cool!
* Molvaki dies *
* ChibiKamui watches as what could pass as peices of a brain go flying out of Molvaki's ears
Molvaki: Nah, couldn't be brains

Ramnesis: By the way, I highly recommend never using American Airlines
TinDante: what's on them?
MrDw: Americans

* Pez-Man unsets on fire
NovahKane: how does one "unset" fire?
Pez-Man: by using anti-matches
TremolicPsycho: With more fire!
* TremolicPsycho tries that
* TremolicPsycho burns


* Pez-Man hands Molvaki a bomb
Molvaki: Oh wow! Looks like christmas comes early
Molvaki: You're all JEALOUS!
Molvaki: It's mine!
* Molvaki explodes *

Molvaki: THAT'S how a spleen looks like

* Pez-Man gives the control chip to Cheeseman
* Cheeseman has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
Pez-Man: ...
WhiteMageDrium: Dude you made him crash!

Pez-Man: i'd assume someone sesible like you is smarted then that
Pez-Man: ...right?
Magi hunter: i am MUCH smarted

Pez-Man: they need something like... a reverse scanner
Pez-Man: like a ... printer or something
Pez-Man: ..oh wait...

Joe: So wait, which character are you?
Pumbo: Yo momma!

RosCoe: Oh! You got told like a story!
RosCoe: You got carried like groceries!
RosCoe: Owned like a store!

beyonder: o boy..a script error
beyonder: and a free ninja scanning camera!
beyonder: i love you popups!

* Synchro gives Lieut back his soul.... after baking it into a pie.
Pez-Man: Mmmm
Pez-Man: soul food!

Zornak: if comcast made ramen soup, what would it taste like?
beyonder: it would taste like they skimped on the flavoring....and the noodles.....
Pez-Man: and the soup

* Synchro jabs a telephone into Drium's skull.
Drium: @_@
Drium: *RING RING*
Molvaki: Yo! Drium! Pick up da phone!
Molvaki: Whazzaaaaaaap!

Pez-Man|Away: Neko = clam!
chromus: Clam?
FigaroEXE: clam
chromus: As in...?
Pez-Man|Away: Clams!
FigaroEXE: Oyster.
chromus: As in what aspect of a clam?
Pez-Man|Away: Mussel.
chromus: Of a?
Pez-Man|Away: Clam!
Neko-san: .... I cant tell if yer trying to confuse me, or piss me off.

Molvaku: mol is the most confused
Molvaku: i think kamui is
Molvaki: No, Mol is.
Molvaka: no, Mol is
Molvaku: no, mol is
Molvaki: No! You're all wrong
Molvaka: gasp!
Molvaku: beyonder is
Molvaki: It's Mol! He's more confused then Mol you idjets
Molvaka: well, at least mol can spell better than you, mol

* H20 boogies
* Pez-ManEXE jams
* chromus jellies
* Zornak preservatives
* H20 smacks ALL OF YOU

RosCoe: Yeah, and Chromus is too smart!
RosCoe: He�d be trying to impress a girl, and she�d be all like �So, do you think you and me are clicking?�
RosCoe: And he�d be like, �You and I.�

Pumbo: you almost to cool overworld music time
Pez-Man: now, lets try that sentence in english

Pez-Man: i've got justice coming outta the wazoo!

* Pez-ManEXE looks at the explosion came from where site

Molvaki: I strategically placed Molvak where JuliusBelmont would be, without even knowing seconds before Pez-Man tackled the decoy... without me knowing.
Molvaki: Totally planned.

Drium: I'm a sexy Rat,
Tanku: Now that's something you don't hear everyday

Lunaris: Arent just Megaman was a robot?
Pez-Man|Away: ...what?

* Drium lunges at Pez with a dangerous Spoon
* Pez-Man blocks with a safety fork

Pez-Man: i just called you
Molvaki: Wrong number?
Pez-Man: yeah
Pez-Man: musta been
Pez-Man: your number is 911 rightr?
Molvaki: Yeah, try it again
Pez-Man: okay
Pez-Man: ..
Pez-Man: it was busy

propcgamer: what happen
Pez-Man: dude
Pez-Man: someone set comcast up the bomb
propcgamer: lol
Pez-Man: we friggen lost signal
propcgamer: i thought u were supposted to get signal when that happened
Pez-Man: not with stupid comcast

MrDw: Your all fine by me.
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: "You're"
MrDw: ... Not any more.

Pez-Man|Asleep: yep
Pez-Man|Asleep: us french-oriental people are crazy
Pez-Man|Asleep: especially when we're not french
Pez-Man|Asleep: or oriental

* Drium smacks his head on the wall until he understands this MOO stuff.
Ayana: That's what cows say!
Ayana: :D
Drium: Yeah but.
Drium: MOOs are evil.
Drium: And complicated x_o
Ayana: Well no
Ayana: Cuz cows say it all the time

Ayana: OO__OOOOOouj
Ayana: That's an odd face

* unexpected joins the room!
unexpected: oh s%#& gotta go
* unexpected left the game.
Chimerasame: well that was unexpected.

Pez-Man: oh
Pez-Man: but
Pez-Man: oh
Pez-Man: right
Pez-Man: but
Pez-Man: oh
Pez-Man: bah

Pez-Man: gege
Pez-Man: giid hib ogred
Phred: ?
Pez-Man: I mean, "hehe, good job phred"

Jorudel: they tell you that the gums bleeding is because you don't floss enough
Jorudel: i beg to differ
Jorudel: its from them jamming sharp metal instruments in them

Pez-Man: hows yours busy?
ThatsPrettyFunky: what?

Pez-Man: smoking some god?
Pumbo: god is a drug?
Pez-Man: spell it backwards
Pez-Man: and you get dog
Pez-Man: horribly mispell dog
Pez-Man: and you get DRUG
Pez-Man: don't you see?
Pez-Man: its a conspiracy

Ayana Klona: So how are you?
Pez-Man: afk
Ayana Klona: I didn't think that was a feeling..

Beyonder: Apparently, my modem got a new config file on October 1st.
Pez-Man: When did that happen?
Beyonder: Uhh� October 1st?

Pez-Man: See, you can tell it�s Chewi�s house because it has that tree always parked out front.

RosCoe: I see London!
RosCoe: I see France!
RosCoe: I have a really nice telescope!

Pez-Man: my psych class, we're talking about growing up
Jo-chan: Growing up? Isn';t that a little...juvenile? o_O

Pez-Man: question, who is Kigakiku?
Synchro: Who ISN'T Kigakiku?
Pez-Man: Dark Angel
Pez-Man: Govic
Pez-Man: Kamslep
Pez-Man: Metasyke
Pez-Man: Neko, Roll, Sync, Pez, Brie, Ely, Fig, H20, Hll, Lun, Lyr, Shi, sniff, and Vorpy aren't Kigakiku

Pez-Man: i'm candian, eh
Chewi: sorry to hear that

Pez-Man: Hey, you know that invisible cape thing?
Chromus: Yeah?
Pez-Man: I can�t find it.

beyonder: i won't do your homework for you, but google will!

Pez-Man: i seem to have lost motivation to play
Chewi: pfft
Pez-Man: thats easy for you to say!
Chewi: yeah it is

Chromus: Bah, I�m going to go talk to someone who appreciates the fruits of my programming labor.
Pez-Man: You can program FRUIT?!

Pez-Man: you'd make a POOR turtle
Chewi: why?
Pez-Man: think about it
Pez-Man: you're such a human
Chewi: that's what you think!

Chewi: fffff
Pez-Man: ffff
Chewi: fff
Pez-Man: ff
Chewi: f
Chewi: -f

Jorudel: My neck is starting to hurt.
Pez-Man: Then don�t wear it!

CPU:-=1 CPU - Intel Pentium IV, 1.60 GHz, 512KB (1667391840% Load)=-

Pez-Man: i gotta wait for roscoe to come back and we'll know then about what we want to can when play crystal chronicles

Pez-Man: always rember
Pez-Man: trust your heart
Pez-Man: follow your instinct
Pez-Man: never lose hope
Pez-Man: do a barrel roll!

Pez-Man: i love you!
Pez-Man: in a plutonic way
Pez-Man: with LOTS of distance
Pez-Man: lots and lots
ThatsPrettyFunky: that's platonic
Pez-Man: right
Pez-Man: same thing
Pez-Man: mines radioactive!

Joe: Man, DDR requires a lot of hand-foot coordination!

Black_Mage: Anyone know a site or something that tells
Black_Mage: your isp?
Pez-Man: comcast
Pez-Man: comcast is your isp
* Black_Mage has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
Pez-Man: yep, gotta be comcast

ThatsPrettyFunky: what country is .il?
Pez-Man: illinois?
ThatsPrettyFunky: COUNTRY
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: illinois?

Pez-Man: It�s not one and a half feet!
Pez-Man: It�s more like a foot and a half!

Pez-Man: guess who!
Chewi1228 : hitler?
Pez-Man: ..
Pez-Man: man, you're screwed up
Chewi: pfft, you're the one who is hitler

propcgamer: the night before we had vodka sauce
propcgamer: it had so much vodka it tasted like a russian fell in it

Chewi: lies
Pez-Man: if by lies
Pez-Man: you mean complete and utter truth
Pez-Man: then yes
Pez-Man: LIES

Pez-Man: any friend of phred's
Pez-Man: ...really doesn't change my opinion of them

Pez-Man: You can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive.
Pez-Man: For instance, take the guy in front of us.
Pez-Man: Just by looking at his car, you can tell he drives a red SUV.

MechaRed (8:58:37 PM): I will eat your babies
MechaRed (8:58:37 PM): I will eat your babies
MechaRed (8:58:38 PM): I will eat your babies
MechaRed (8:58:38 PM): I will eat your babies
MechaRed (8:58:39 PM): Hi

Pez-Man: Laptops suck.
Pez-Man: Keyboard-wise, mouse-wise, and Samwise.

Chewi: you know what they say about people with big hands
Chewi: big gloves
Pez-Man: and you know what they say about big gloves
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: i got nothing
Chewi: uhh
Pez-Man: expensive fabric?
Chewi: sure

Nat: I don�t smell. I took a shower today.
Pez-Man: You missed.

Jo-chan: Bah-bah, Pez Man, have you any PEZ?
Pez-Man: Yes ma'm, yes ma'm, none for you, you greedy bastard.

Yamauta: 42
Pez-Man: divide by 2
Yamauta: 21... legal drinking age
Pez-Man: subtract 3
Yamauta: 18, legal voting age
Pez-Man: subtract 5
Yamauta: 13.... Alpha's IQ

Pez-Man: songs are like music to the ears!

Pez-Man: sao naytyh newS?
Chewi: is that even a typo?
Pez-Man: the s shouldnt be capitalized like that

Pez-Man: I�ve had three cups of hot cocoa and I�m feeling frisky!
Pez-Man: I mean, okay.

Chewi: you don't really care do you?
Pez-Man: not the SLIGHTEST bit
Pez-Man: like
Pez-Man: if i cared any less
Pez-Man: i'd defy phyics

Pez-Man: we need quotes good
Chewi: can't just make good quotes though
Chewi: they just kinda happen
Pez-Man: happen
Pez-Man: or snapple?
Chewi: ...

Pez-Man: so whats up?
WyldFyre: Ceiling.
Pez-Man: k
Pez-Man: so
Pez-Man: the next person that says
Pez-Man: sky, ceiling, overhead lights, or space
Pez-Man: gets killed
WyldFyre: overhead lights... good one. Thanks!
Pez-Man: arrrg
Pez-Man: so
Pez-Man: whats news then?
WyldFyre: The local paper.
WyldFyre: *RUNS*
Pez-Man: ahah
Pez-Man: i've got it
Pez-Man: so what is up with you?
WyldFyre: with me? My wall. *reaches over and taps it*
Pez-Man: *explode*

* Pez-Man|Away is now known as Pezs-
Pezs-: swing and a miss..
* Pezs- is now known as Pez-Man|Asleep

Gene|away: if it bothers you then you're just crazy
Pez-Man: HA
Pez-Man: CRAZY?
Pez-Man: you can't eta ahe !
Pez-Man: yeah
Pez-Man: thats what i thought
Pez-Man: punk
Pez-Man: ..
Pez-Man: sleep now

RosCoe: Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum.
RosCoe: I smell Rasin Bran!

Pez-Man: hi
Pez-Man: i'm chuck norris
Chewi: hi
Chewi: I'm Al Roker
Pez-Man: wanna buy a bowflex?
Chewi: not really

Pez-Man: left is right and up is down
Molvaki: NO WAY
Pez-Man: no way
Pez-Man: or yes
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: dead end?
Molvaki: You make my head hurt.
Pez-Man: or
Pez-Man: I destroy your foot non-painful
Molvaki: Shoeshine get.

Pez-Man: aww
Pez-Man: guess everyone else is gone
* Guardian tries to remain unnoticed by clearly labelling what he is trying to do
Pez-Man: AH-HA!

Beyonder: ...x_x;;;
Pez-Man: ONNO
Pez-Man: your eyes have been cross stitched shut!
Beyonder: ....
Beyonder: yeah, that's exactly what happened.
Pez-Man: we'd better get you to a doctor!
Beyonder: nah
Beyonder: i'll just take the stitches out
Pez-Man: but
Pez-Man: nooooooo
Beyonder: too late
Beyonder: o_o
Pez-Man: AHHH
Pez-Man: they've been
Pez-Man: turned into
Pez-Man: little
Pez-Man: cheerios!
Beyonder: it's ok
Beyonder: i'll just stitch them shut
Beyonder: x_x
Pez-Man: !
Pez-Man: OHNO

Pez-Man: i dunno
Chewi: ?
Pez-Man: if i were you
Pez-Man: i wouldn't be me anymore
Chewi: woah
Chewi: that's all like....thinking man
Pez-Man: dude
Pez-Man: i got the munchies

Pez-Man: That�s Ted Koppel-tastic!
Dither: I hope not!
Dither: �Cuz if it is, I�m leaving.

RosCoe: Let�s drink �till we�re brains are out!

DMNeoblade: ayayay... you are my butterfly...
MercuryD: Oi, oi, oi, you are my pride and joy
Pez-Man: uhh
Pez-Man: get a room?

Pez-Man: wlel i'll tell ya oif /wjhen
Chewi: hmm
Pez-Man: ?
Chewi: nevermind, figured out what that says

Chewi: hmm
Pez-Man: ?
Chewi: bouie....
Chewi: every vowel
Chewi: cept a
Pez-Man: and y
Chewi: screw y

PezMan: ah
PezMan: hear that?
PezMan: its the sound of sexy
PezMan: speaking of which, i think i'm drunk

RosCoe: speaking of jokes
RosCoe: how is your life?

Synchro: Coca Cola is TEH DEVIL
Pez-Man: you mean
Pez-Man: coke?
Synchro: Coca Cola?
Pez-Man: coke?
Synchro: Coca Cola?
Pez-Man: ..
Pez-Man: coke?
Synchro: Acola?
Pez-Man: coke?
Synchro: Cheese?
Pez-Man: Cheese!
Synchro: Coke cheese?
Pez-Man: mmm
Pez-Man: ...
Pez-Man: wow
Pez-Man: that derailed fast

Chewi: knock knock
Pez-Man: whos there?
Chewi: what's the square root of 144
Pez-Man: umm
Pez-Man: what's the square root of 144 who?
Chewi: ...
Chewi: you're not suposed to answer
Pez-Man: thats a screwed up knock knock joke

RosCoe: hehe
Pez-Man: heh
RosCoe: he
Pez-Man: h
Pez-Man: -e
RosCoe: its -h
RosCoe: u lose

Pez-Man: antropology?
Pez-Man: isnt that like
Pez-Man: stuffing dead animals?
Beyonder: no
Beyonder: that's taxidermy....
Pez-Man: oh
Pez-Man: i thoguht that meant doing your taxes
Pez-Man: wait, that's taxidermy?!!?
Pez-Man: that away message is so wrong now

Beyonder: discrete mathematics seems to be a fancy word for logic
Pez-Man: lol
Pez-Man: linear alegbra seems to be a fancy word for confusing crap you'll never use in real life
Pez-Man: shorter though

Pez-Man: wait
Pez-Man: do you hear that
Pez-Man: ?
Pez-Man: its the sound of me caring
Pez-Man: ... oh wait, i dont hear anything

Pez-Man: nothing says evil like clowns
Chewi: or evil kenevil

Chewi: pfft
Pez-Man: pff
Chewi: pfft
Pez-Man: pff
Chewi: pfft
Pez-Man: pff
Chewi: well that was a waste of time
Pez-Man: arent all?
Chewi: sure

Pez-Man: Canada is like the Mexico of America!

Pez-Man: spot time
Chewi: I spy something blue
Pez-Man: i
Pez-Man: kill you
Pez-Man: horribly
Chewi: nope, it was my shirt!

Chromus: How do you grow your beard so fast?
Pez-Man: I�m half terrorist.

Pez-Man: I don�t own any board games that I don�t own.

Chewi: I flip flopped
Pez-Man: kerry bastard
Chewi: fine, now I'm going to invade you on false info
Pez-Man: bush bastard
Chewi: now I'm going to do nothing and no one votes for me
Pez-Man: ...
Chewi: nader
Pez-Man: nader bastard!

Pumbo: I love the sims
Pumbo: I have children
Pumbo: make them go swimming
Pumbo: sell the ladder
Pumbo: wait till they drown
Pumbo: sell their tombstones for 5 dollars!
Pumbo: each!
Pumbo: muahaha
Pumbo: must have more wives
Pumbo: make my money making more efficient
Pumbo: and then I trap my neibors in closets
Pumbo: when they come to visit
Pumbo: and when the people come to take my children away because of abuse
Pumbo: I set the house on fire and run away
Pumbo: lock them inside
Pumbo: burrrnination to the child caring peoples!

Joe: "Chewi: fighting on the internet is like winning the special olympics, even if you win, you're still a retard"
Pez-Man: yeah...
Joe: no you are the retard

Chewi: ?
Pez-Man: ?
Chewi: ?
Pez-Man: ?
Pez-Man: Owned.
Chewi: That was pointless.
Chewi: ?
Pez-Man: ?
Chewi: Dammit.

Chewi: I'm not you
Pez-Man: i am!
Chewi: that's great
Pez-Man: yay!

Pez-Man: something about all the clocks shooting back an hour justs gets my goat
Pez-Man: dont say it govic
Pez-Man: just spare us
* Govic gives Pez-Man a goat.
Pez-Man: i'm going to kill you govic
Govic: yay!

* Govic trips Pez-Man.
* Pez-Man untrips
* Tetris_Cult_High_Priest casts line block on pez and a line block falls out of the sky aimed at Pez-man
* Pez-Man fills up the line using the line block before it lands
* Govic gives Pez-Man a stuffy nose to hindering his walking.
* Pez-Man uses medication and gets better
* Govic breaks Pez-Man's nose and fills it with glue.
* Pez-Man gets a new nose
Govic: How cunning!
Guardian: gluenosefetish!

Guardian: Pez-man! Retrieve my pants from wherever you put them!
Guardian: Lest I start eating bananas erotically!

* Tetris_Cult_High_Priest realises something..
Pez-Man: that realize is spelled with a z?

Chewi: joy
Pez-Man: you say joy
Pez-Man: and yet your face shows sadness from age
Chewi: you can't even see my face
Chewi: and what the hell does that mean anyways?
Pez-Man: umm
Pez-Man: owned!
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