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beyonder's birthday!(by: beyonder)
yeah, it's my birthday. so you should all give me presents. and in the specific case of a certain man-named-after-candy, gimme back my GBA. that is all, goodbye!
Tuesday, June 1 2004 23:15 UTC

Read Comments: 6

Ten-Four, Good Buddy!(by: Pez-Man)
Less like ten-four, more like ten. Episode ten is out and ready to go! Enjoy the drama, humor, music, and dancing! (Bring your own dancing.) Have fun and enjoy.
Tuesday, June 1 2004 01:26 UTC

Read Comments: 10

WAI!(by: Kamui)
YAY! I got a big update for my site up! Not really too much.. but it's more work that I've put into my site in awhile... :P I got my sprite comic archives switched to PHP and I also switched Synchro's "Chaos Shatter" archives to PHP and she also FINALLY MADE A NEW COMIC! ^_^ Go and see! (True... it doesn't have anything to do with the actual storyline but it's amusing none-the-less :P) WAI ^_^
Sunday, May 30 2004 17:02 UTC

Read Comments: 0

Big Zero Nine!(by: Pez-Man)
The next comic is up. I liked it, I hope you do too! Also, if you're wondering about the picture, I was doing pretty good at CS and got a little spray-logo happy.
Friday, May 21 2004 01:47 UTC

Read Comments: 9

WAHOOO!!!(by: Kamui)
Wow.... An update... By me... True it's not much.... And I'll be changing some stuffs as soon as I get off my lazy but and read up on how to do what I did with databases.... But hey! It's an update! the first update in about a month or so! WAI! ^_^ And I've got two comics drawn! And I even colored them! (Just need to track down a scanner... Hmmm....) WAI! ^_^
Wednesday, May 19 2004 17:19 UTC

Read Comments: 1

8 is my lucky number! Minus one...(by: Pez-Man)
8th comic is the up. Don't got much else to say. Updated the quotes section. Have fun.
Saturday, May 15 2004 15:04 UTC

Read Comments: 2

Teh Next Comic(by: Pez-Man)
It's the new comic up! I hope you all enjoy the comedy/drama/sugar! If anyone has any comments, please post in the forum. I want to give thanks to Chromus, who often helps me with sprites and other things, Beyonder, for hosting the website, and Smurgen, for saving me with the right music for these comics for a LONG time. Thanks all!
Saturday, April 24 2004 01:44 UTC

Read Comments: 4

Giant Drinkable Onion Sailors(by: Pez-Man)
New comic! Episode 6 is out! Enjoy the comic, post comments in the forum, vote, have fun, don't pass out on the table, and have fun again.
Monday, April 12 2004 04:10 UTC

Read Comments: 2

Hay is for horses, but it's fun to snack on, too!(by: Pez-Man)
Another comic! I'll try to get another one done before my spring break ends, but no promises! The updated comic menu shouldn't be too hard to understand. Hope this one is more funny than the others, and I hope I get more comments on this one.
Sunday, April 4 2004 02:01 UTC

Read Comments: 1

I swear, March didn't exist...(by: ayana)
Oh good god... I.. I.. UPDATED?! .... Yes. I did. With a ton of art, too. And a new song! What do you think, sweeties? ^_^ *heart*
Friday, April 2 2004 20:03 UTC

Read Comments: 6

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