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Moon Rock(by: Pez-Man)
Comic 37 is up. New image on the image gallery. Nada mucho else.
Thursday, September 23 2004 23:32 UTC

Read Comments: 1

Teh Imagres!(by: Pez-Man)
I added a new Image Gallery to the leftmenu, and got rid of the "Stuff" page. Tell me what you guys think of the Image Gallery.
Wednesday, September 22 2004 12:23 UTC

Read Comments: 0

Bowser is so squishy!(by: Pez-Man)
Comic 36 is up! Lookit Bowser! LOOKIT!
Tuesday, September 21 2004 17:50 UTC

Read Comments: 1

There are only 3 kinds of people in this world...(by: Pez-Man)
Thos who can count and those who can't. For those of you who can count, comic 110 (35+75) is up. Enjoyness!
Sunday, September 19 2004 01:01 UTC

Read Comments: 18

Twisted Universe: The Return(by: Zornak)
I have finally taken time to redo my site... Dont mind that fact that all the archive pages are either called 4 or 8 >_>
Saturday, September 18 2004 02:10 UTC

Read Comments: 2

Thir-tay-fore(by: Pez-Man)
Comic 34 is up!
Thursday, September 16 2004 02:31 UTC

Read Comments: 18

Teh 33!(by: Pez-Man)
Number thirty-three is up! The newness! Watch, eh?
Sunday, September 12 2004 21:23 UTC

Read Comments: 1

Easter in September!(by: Pez-Man)
I felt like changing the site picture. Also, I put some more people on the cast page. If you have AIM, you can "suscribe" to the updater! Just add UMBCUnderground to your buddy list and message him saying "subscribe QuestForPez" without the quotes. Once you're added, you'll get the occasional message from him talking about what I updated. It's pretty nifty, and thanks to Dither to designing it. Try it out if you want!
Friday, September 10 2004 03:43 UTC

Read Comments: 2

Christmas in July(by: Pez-Man)
Another comic. Any comments about the comic, or the new look of the menus?
Wednesday, September 8 2004 20:04 UTC

Read Comments: 4

King of Monsters(by: Pez-Man)
Updated the cast page with four more people, among a few other buttons. I also improved the button quality of the people, so you may not notice it, but it's much better. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. If you haven't thought of it yet, white text means good guy, black text means bad guy, and gray text means neutral/unkown. Leave some comments, eh?
Monday, September 6 2004 19:21 UTC

Read Comments: 11

Triple Whammy!(by: Pez-Man)
Three updates at once! I made a new comic, number 31, I updated the cast page with two more people, and I added a few new quotes. If you didn't know, you can click on the people in the cast page. I'm only getting these updates out because I'm working hard and I've got time before my classes start really dishing out the work. So, enjoy, for now.
Sunday, September 5 2004 06:40 UTC

Read Comments: 3

Totally Timed!(by: Pez-Man)
I found some time in my schedule to make another comic. Between a decent amount of class time and a large amount of study time ( more time is spent studying than actually in classes), I'm still trying! If you want to see my schedule it's at . Get off your lazy butt and copy/paste! Keep up the stuff!
Friday, September 3 2004 02:11 UTC

Read Comments: 9

Or not!(by: Pez-Man)
Well, I've been busy. There's alot of things I've been doing, not to mention getting adjusted and all the activities they're holding for the new freshmen. It's quite a bit of scheduling, but I managed to crank out episode 29. Enjoy.
Monday, August 30 2004 04:27 UTC

Read Comments: 6

Last Comic Standing(by: Pez-Man)
New comic, but I won't be updating for a while afterwards. After I get adjusted to college, I'll try to start comicing at a normal rate again, but don't expect comics during this next month of September. Also, updated the beta of the cast page.
Friday, August 27 2004 15:13 UTC

Read Comments: 1

Suprise!(by: Pez-Man)
Gasp! A news post that isn't me posting a new comic! I put up the beta of a cast page. Any comments or ideas? Please?
Thursday, August 26 2004 05:30 UTC

Read Comments: 8

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