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I can't remember what I was going to put here...(by: Pez-Man)
New comic! It's got stuff and stuff!
Wednesday, October 27 2004 15:40 UTC

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Easy as ABC!(by: Pez-Man)
Da comic, da comic, wa wa da comic.
Sunday, October 24 2004 17:44 UTC

Read Comments: 3

Gotta have my pops!(by: Pez-Man)
Comic! Happy birthday! From: Pez-Man To: Universe
Thursday, October 21 2004 15:29 UTC

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Update(by: Phred)
It's been a while, but I added a new comic.... I think it's been almost a month... and that time it was a month after the update prior O_o am I getting a monthly update scedule? that's not good. and I did some stuff to my index.htm type page, but the old one is at oldindex.htm in case this new front page doesn't work out... or something >_>;
Wednesday, October 20 2004 21:00 UTC

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Beware the washing machines!(by: Pez-Man)
New comic, new action, new adventure, new drama, new comedy, new year, new cheese!
Monday, October 18 2004 20:39 UTC

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WAI! Another update!(by: Kamui)
YAY! I updated again! Normally I don't feel the need to announce it on the main site but.. Because of the comic I made I feel that I need to announce it... Sure the quality and humor may be sub par compared to what I usually do (Even though most of it is pulled out my posterior as was this comic) but I really liked the way it turned out after I was done ^_^ So I announce it and maybe people will throw rotton tomatoes at me :P Er... wait a minute...
Saturday, October 16 2004 09:19 UTC

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You may have lost a million dollars!(by: Pez-Man)
If anyone reads this, congrats, you don't lack simple reading skills. New comic. I am very saddened by the comic, as you all should be. BE SAD!
Friday, October 15 2004 14:46 UTC

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Bizzay(by: Pez-Man)
New comic is up. It would have been up earlier, but many things got in the way, such as my computer crashing, the campus internet being mean, college work, me being sick, and overall laziness. Despite all that, the comic was still uploaded on a normal schedule, so enjoy.
Wednesday, October 13 2004 14:45 UTC

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All the news thats fit to show!(by: Pez-Man)
Happy birthday to me, I'm finally twenty-three! Actually, I'm eighteen, But that doesn't rhyme with me! I'm only a day late on my own birthday... In more important news, new comic!
Monday, October 11 2004 03:48 UTC

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All the news thats fit to know!(by: Pez-Man)
Comic 42 is up! 42? That's the meaning to life, the universe, and everything! It's also my college number (don't ask, you wouldn't get it anyways!)
Wednesday, October 6 2004 17:40 UTC

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